Dine-in Menu (Fall 2020)


Baked Brie - $18

Brie Cheese Baked in Puff Pastry with a Pecan & Apricot middle

Garnished with a pickled red onion and Orange Relish accompanied by Warm Bread and Fresh Grapes.


Pork Pate - $16

Rich and Creamy Berkshire Pork Pate with a “Grub and Shrub” micro green salad, cranberry Collis

and an artisan bread strip. (As featured for the Alberta Plates Festival)


Caesar Salad - $13

Traditional Caesar Salad with House Dressing

Croutons & Parmesan Cheese. (Add Chicken for $5)


Fall Beetroot & Bocconcini Salad - $15

A blend of Arugula and Fresh Lettuce, topped with 3 types of fresh Beetroot,

Cherry Tomatoes, Walnuts and Bocconcini.

Dressed with a Sesame Garlic Vinaigrette.



"ALL our Pizzas are made with 'OO ' Italian flour dough covered with either our

House Tomato, Fresh Kale & Walnut Pesto or a Creamy Bourbon & Mushroom Duxelle sauce.


Good For The Hart - $18

Vegetables have never tasted better!

Pesto based and topped with Crispy Kale,

Black Olives loads of Garlic and of course Mozzarella Cheese.


Hart Lovers - $18

Love Charcuterie??  You'll love this!

 Tomato based and Layered with Genoa Salami, Prosciutto, Cappicola meats and

Mozzarella Cheese. Then topped with one extra layer of Soppresata Meat.


FUN GUY - $18

For all you Mushroom Lovers!

Duxelle based and Covered with Thyme infused Mozzarella,

 Fresh Mushroom slices and drizzled with

 Truffle Oil & Fresh Thyme Sprigs.




House Special - $20

Try one of our signature houses made

Chicken and Vegetable or Beef and Mushroom Pies

 served with

Mashed Potatoes and Chefs Vegetables.



Braised Boneless Beef Shank - $36

A Slow braised Beef Shank immersed in a rich Fennel infused sauce.

Served with creamy French Mashed Potatoes and Chefs Vegetables &

Garnished with “Grub and Shrub” Pea Sprouts and Fresh Fennel.


Chicken Schnitzel - $27

 Pounded thin, breaded and pan- fried Chicken Breast covered in a Creamy Wine Mushroom Sauce.

Served with French Mashed Potato and a Brussel Sprout/ Leek vegetable blend.


Roast Rack of Lamb - $36

Garden Herb Crusted Roasted Rack of Lamb, carved into individual chops and plated with

Roast Baby Potatoes and Fall Vegetables

accompanied by a Rich Red Wine Sauce.


Orecciette Pumpkin Pasta - $25

Orecciette Pasta and Crisp Kale pieces tossed in a Decadent Pumpkin Cream Sauce

Topped with Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese

Oven baked and garnished with Artisan Bread Coins.



Unbaked Chocolate Cheesecake - $12

Three layers of rich chocolate flavor served with a fresh strawberry and

Vanilla Creme Chantilly, garnished with a mint leaf.


Orange Pannacotta - $12

Light Creamy Orange Pannacotta accompanied by an Orange Coullis

Garnished with Mandarin segments and a House Made

 Pumpkin Ice Cream.




A Rotation of Artisan Meats, Cheeses and Fruits

Making a Different Experience Each Week

With Plenty of Tasty Nibbles

Small Board - 1 Cheese, 3 Meats - $25

Large Board - 2 Cheeses, 4 Meats - $35